Clear Culture Collection - Daniel Buresch Desings


2021 2022


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Scandinavian Minimalism

 The inspiration of the collection was taken from Scandinavian designs, such as architecture, art and fashion. A straight line, the geometric shapes as well as the emphasized elegance in simplicity inspired the creation of the designs. Scandinavian aesthetics are a sign of modernity and are a hallmark of the designs of Fashion and Inferior. Simple and sustainable materials combined with special details that make the garments interesting. Classic colors such as black, white and navy blue combined with isolated color elements. Straight lines and concrete, stable shapes create an impression of a more wearable architecture. The designs reflect a kind of modest yet elegant appeal. The CLEAR CULTURE collection is a unisex collection. The included basics as well as the garments have been designed with great attention to detail and have clean lines and a timeless design language. This guarantees the customer that the garments will not only survive for years but will also not go out of fashion or look old-fashioned after a few years.


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