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BAUHAUS – Pioneer of the modern age

 The inspiration of the collection was gained from the Bauhaus university and architecture. Straight lines, box-like shapes and the elegance of simplicity convinced me to create the designs according to these ideas. Bauhaus is nowadays considered the forerunner of modernism and has had a fundamental impact on the world of design and architecture. In the 1920s their way of thinking and art seemed futuristic and unworldly. Simple and sustainable materials combined with special details to make the objects interesting. Bright colors combined with isolated color elements. Clear shapes, such as circles, squares, or triangles in the typical Bauhaus colors red, blue and yellow provide a contrast to the cold white and grey tones. The collection clearly reflects this elegant impression. Special features, small details and the use of contrasts make Bauhaus architecture tangible, wearable and visible in everyday life. Straight lines and concrete shapes create the impression of a more wearable architecture.

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