Arctic Liquify Collection - Daniel Buresch Designs

Arctic Liquify

2020 2021


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Black soot in the ice surfaces of the glaciers

 The inspiration for the collection ‘Arctic Liquify’ are the glaciers of this world polluted by soot – a frightening phenomenon. This is decisively reflected in the shape and coloring of the collection. The constant change of the glaciers in their melting process inspired changeable, multifunctional elements. Silhouettes and individual shapes of the garments are based on the outlines of arctic landscapes, for example ice floes and mountains floating in the water. The collection is intended to point out the drastic changes and to draw the attention of the textile industry, which is partly to blame for them. The collection’s color and material card also evokes the color spectrum of the blackened ice landscapes. From white, iridescent grey combined with icy blue-grey and turquoise to a dark blue/almost black. The mixing of these colors in nature is reflected in the mottled fabrics with exactly these colors.

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