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The collection illustrates that in a human individual there are various personal characteristics. An outer, mostly conformist personality can be influenced by the given norms of society and does not stand out in the crowd. Inside people often have their own desires, dreams or ideas that they would like to show to the outside world. This personality uses a form of clothing that makes a statement in society and presents itself as its own individual. The goal is to show the existence of both personalities within one individual.
The goal is to represent the existence of both personalities within one individual – clothing that is both fitted, but also transformable to give the person wearing it a way of communicating their inner ideas and values.
The personal transformation is reflected above all in the shapes of the collection. The collection contains classic, minimalist, clean and straight garments, which represent the regulated, unobtrusive and adapted to the masses, immanent personality. By adding, pulling over or turning individual
elements or garments, it is possible to transform the classic pieces into eye-catching, avant-garde and, in form, free looks. The collection includes products for women’s and men’s wear with genderfluid approaches. It is ‘seasonless fashion’ that can be worn all year round.
The fabrics used are classic wool, viscose, pleated chiffon, satin and mesh made from recycled plastic bottles.
from recycled plastic bottles. It carries a social message to the world to set new trends and break old thought patterns. This collection demands change, rethinking and the willingness to live out one’s personality with one’s head held high.

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